At HORIZONT GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. we are aware of the need to counteract climate change and mitigate its effects, which is why we decided to implement an energy management system as an integral part of our integrated management system (IMS).

Our motto is harmonious coexistence with the environment and interested parties based on the model of sustainable development. We would like HORIZONT GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. was perceived as a socially and environmentally responsible organization. We treat energy management as one of the Company's management priorities. We will strive to respect the following principles also by our suppliers.

Bearing in mind that:

The Company's activities in the field of energy management, in particular related to:

  • increasing the use of modern technologies (ICT) in the Company,
  • using more and more energy-efficient devices and processes,
  • identifying opportunities to improve the energy performance when designing new or renovated energy-using equipment, facilities, systems and processes that may have a (significant) impact on the Company's energy performance,
  • increasing the awareness of people working under the supervision of the Company in the area of energy saving, preventing energy waste and increasing energy efficiency,

can contribute to:

  • increasing the motivation of employees and other interested parties to save energy,
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • improving air quality,
  • reducing our demand for raw materials (energy carriers),
  • generating financial savings in the Company,
  • increasing economic stability by reducing the susceptibility to unforeseen changes in the availability and prices of energy carriers, as well as to
  • increasing the Company's competitiveness as a socially responsible organization and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

We are committed to:

  • implementation, application and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the energy management system;
  • ensuring the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve energy goals;
  • compliance with applicable legal requirements (regulations) and other requirements regarding energy efficiency and regarding energy use or energy consumption ;
  • taking these requirements into account in our internal regulations,
  • achieve constant improvement of the energy result of the Company and
  • striving to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We implement this policy in particular through:

  • establishing an energy management team;
  • identifying areas of significant energy use and focusing on improving energy performance in these areas;
  • establishing energy-related criteria for energy-using facilities, equipment, systems and processes;
  • communicating these criteria to persons working under the supervision of the Company;
  • implementation of supervision over operational and service activities;
  • implementation of action plans necessary to achieve the improvement of the Company's energy result;
  • ensuring adequate competences;
  • raising awareness related to energy management among employees, customers and suppliers,
  • purchasing based on EU ecodesign regulations (energy efficiency requirements and environmental requirements for household appliances and industrial products) as well as energy labels (which are a source of information on energy consumption and environmental characteristics of products);
  • making purchases of devices taking into account their energy efficiency and the use of recognized guides in this regard;
  • informing suppliers that energy efficiency is one of the evaluation criteria in the purchasing process of energy-using products, equipment or services;
  • supervision of outsourced processes related to energy use characterized by significant energy consumption (e.g. heating);
  • informing interested parties about our activities in the context of energy management and energy performance improvement;
  • Continuously increasing the use of energy-saving information technology and increasing the use of energy-saving vehicles and devices.
  • regularly assessing the Company's energy performance and taking action when necessary.

To ensure that persons working under the supervision of the Company are aware of:

  • this energy policy of the Company and its contribution to the efficiency of energy management in the Company and to achieving energy goals,
  • the impact of your actions or behavior on the energy result of the Company;
  • the consequences of not meeting the requirements of energy management;
  • benefits (including for interested parties) of the improved energy performance of the Company;

and in order to constantly improve the energy management system, we conduct the following activities:

  • informing employees about the importance of energy efficiency for the Company and its customers and about the Company's efforts in this respect;
  • providing training, including training on saving energy in everyday activities and preventing energy waste;
  • improvement of internal communication;
  • encouraging and motivating employees to contribute to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the Company, including presenting their proposals to improve activities and processes (e.g. by indicating places where energy is wasted / unnecessary consumption / or proposals for better organization of work to increase energy efficiency);
  • recognition and reward;
  • encouraging the reporting of perceived energy management system non-conformities.

The key characteristics of the energy performance measures are identified, measured, monitored and analyzed on an annual basis.

Measurable energy goals determined on their basis, determined annually by the management of the Company, are available for inspection by all interested parties.

Persons working under the supervision of the Company know and apply this Energy Policy and the principles contained in the energy management documentation.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the integrated quality, environmental and health and safety management system. On behalf of the Company, we declare that we will continue to use our best efforts and resources to ensure that this policy is fully implemented.

Wrocław, 24.11.2022

Jaromir Salamonowicz