In industrial and manufacturing plants, or wherever activity takes place properly on a continuous basis, it is difficult to clean machines and equipment.

However, our company offers an innovative service to its clients in this or similar situations. This is the dry ice cleaning service. What is it and what is meant by “dry ice”?

What is dry ice?

It is a solid form of CO2 with a negative temperature – minus 79 Celsius degrees. Such substance is very effective and at the same time safe when removing various types of dirt from any surface. Dry ice is used to clean, among other things, production and industrial machinery and equipment and to replace chemicals.

What does our dry ice cleaning service look like?

Dry ice cleaning is a quite specific and innovative solution, although it is popular in places such as heavy production plants, where there are paint shops or powder shops. Very heavy dirt associated with oils, greases that cannot be removed by water alone, even when hot and under pressure, disappears when exposed to dry ice. After contact with the surface to be cleaned, dry ice changes its state of matter to gas, which automatically increases its volume, tears off dirt and evaporates without leaving any additional coating.

We use a special compressor for the dry ice cleaning service. When under pressure, it emits particles of dry ice, which are ejected onto the surface to be cleaned at an appropriate speed. This way, the surface is cleaned.

Dry ice cleaning is carried out under the supervision of our employees. They have all the powers in the procedures for applying the technique and maintaining safety when performing this type of service. Our specialised equipment and skills enable us to perform dry ice cleaning services in both internal and external areas.

Where can the service be performed?

In fact, there are no major restrictions on the use of dry ice cleaning. This technique can be used in different places and in relation to different materials. Dry ice does not change their structure. The base material is intact and the dry ice particles only have a surface effect on it. Thanks to unique low-temperature properties of CO2, it can even be applied to live equipment and multiform forms without having to be dismantled beforehand.

Who is this service for?

At Horizont Global we meet our clients’ expectations and offer a dry ice cleaning service, which will be used mainly in manufacturing and industrial plants. Wherever the client, through his commitments and execution of his orders and punctuality, is not able to take his machines out of circulation and needs to clean them, he can use our dry ice cleaning service.

There is no need to shut down production lines and heavy machinery to clean dirt that is hard to remove. This usually takes place on weekends, because this gives us two days to dry ice cleaning of the surfaces, so that on Monday the client can resume production or restart his machines.

Service advantages

The service is clean, eco-friendly and biodegradable. There is no need to involve large resources for waste disposal. All this is fast, precise and natural. Dry ice remains neutral to the environment, but effectively removes all the dirt. Without a doubt, simplicity, environmental friendliness and efficiency are the greatest advantages of our dry ice cleaning service, as a natural substance blasted onto the cleaned surface.