Ozone is known as tri-atomic oxygen. Chemically, it has a strong oxidizing effect, which is why it is so readily used in disinfecting activities. ULV ozonation is an increasingly popular method of ensuring safety in facilities.

What is ULV ozonation?

Ozonation using the ULV method, or ultra low volume, is nothing more than spraying fine fog with ozone in the room. This is done with the help of special devices that generate ozone. Such a process is especially recommended in the prevailing pandemic and in the era of the threat of microorganisms.

Ozone treatment is a very effective method of securing rooms so that employees can stay in sterile clean rooms. However, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that ozone is naturally dangerous to humans, so we recommend performing these activities outside working hours or thoroughly ventilating before the arrival of employees.

Thanks to the ULV method, ozone enters microscopic spaces, effectively removing all dangerous germs. The sprayed fine mist settles on objects and walls, ensuring complete hygiene. However, it does not leave any dirt or smell. It is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and in rooms with increased humidity (e.g. in bathrooms), because it also eliminates mold and mites.

Where is ULV ozonation used?

In principle, there are no major restrictions on the use of this method in the fight against microorganisms, but due to the fact that it is hazardous to humans, it is especially recommended in hotel facilities and offices, where the service can be performed outside the hours when customers and employees are in the facility. Special industrial ozone generators are used in production and storage halls, as well as in logistic centers. 

We have extensive experience in connection with many ozone treatments carried out on various facilities. We are able to adapt the equipment and frequency to the facility and the needs of the owner. Our technology department constantly trains employees who operate machines and looks for the best possible solutions ensuring full safety.