The company's image is built in a number of different ways, also through the visual aspects of the building or the company's headquarters. Therefore, it is important to take care of every, even the smallest detail about what the customer may have to deal with at once. Cleanliness when entering a building or office is one such element. We will professionally take care of it using innovative methods, because our services include servicing, replacing, cleaning and delivering exit mats. We can take care of it for our clients, among other things, as part of the provision of the mat services. What is this and how do we perform such services?

Serwis mat Wrocław

Entrance mat for aesthetics and cleanliness

A special mat supplied by us can be placed in front of the entrance to the company building or office. This entrance mat is designed to protect the object from the spread of all kinds of dirt.

Delivery and service of mats is carried out at the request of our clients. This is part of the contract service related to the aesthetics and image of the company or institution. During the initial audit, we offer our clients the purchase of entrance mats every time, if they do not already own them. It is a very good, aesthetic solution for entrepreneurs and their customers, because in case of bad weather conditions outside, snow or rain, the people visiting our client – the petitioners, customers, employees – to put it simply, nobody enters the office or building directly with muddy or wet shoes. Atmospheric or road dirt is left mainly on the entrance mat. We put them out in front of the entrance and make sure they are always in perfect condition.

Who is this service for?

The service of delivery and service of mats is addressed to all clients who want to keep their company premises clean and safe. They are mainly entrepreneurs, although we also serve all kinds of institutions or offices. Caring for the image of a company or another entity by shaping the surroundings of an office or building of an institution does not have to be expensive, which is proved by our delivery and service.

What kind of mats do we deliver?

The mats, which we deliver at the request of our clients, are made of innovative microfibres, which perfectly retain all the dirt that is usually transferred on shoes on their surface, among other things:

  • water,
  • mud,
  • dust,
  • leaves,
  • road pollution,
  • snow and ice.

Thanks to its construction, the entrance mat absorbs moisture and dirt, but also the production technologies used in its case optimise their later drying time. The bottom part of the mat is made of a specially designed tread, so we can provide excellent grip even on wet ground.

Service of mats in front of the building

Not only do we deliver our mats for building entrances, but we also service them. For example, we change mats once a week. We wash them and deliver them back to the client, in perfect condition.

Why should you choose entrance mats?

The entrance mats placed in front of the company building, right in front of the door, are not only a matter of aesthetics. This allows you to keep your company facilities clean and safe. The mats protect against spread of dirt and water, especially on slippery surfaces. This eliminates the problem that someone could slip on tiles or any other surface in the hall of the office or company headquarters and hurt themselves.

It should be emphasised that the entrance mats are replaced as needed, helping the cleaning service. It is an optimal solution from the point of view of image needs and costs incurred to maintain the aesthetics of company buildings. They cost very little, and the benefits they bring outweigh the price of the mats and their service.