We deliver the highest quality

From cleaning services, through Facility Management, disinfection and process support in your company. Check what we can do for you today:

Specialist Services

Chemical Spraying Of Roofs

An effective and safe method of snow removal from roofs

Cleaning And Snow Removal in External Areas

Keep the buildings tidy and don't be surprised by the winter

Supply and Service of Mats

Take care of the company's image at the first contact

Dry Ice Cleaning

Modern cleaning without the use of chemicals

Works At Heights

We always step up to the challenge

Laundry Services

We will take care of the neat appearance of your employees

Sales And Rent Of Machinery

We give you access to a wide range of machines you need

Disinfection, Disinsectisation, Deratisation

We fight rodents, insects and microbes

Floor Protection

Effective protection and extension of the service life of utility and office floors

Washing Windows With Deionised Water

A method for crystal clear windows without chemicals

Cleaning Of Production Lines

Clean production lines and working environment

Cleaning Wall-To-Wall Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery etc.

Order and cleanliness of carpets and carpets in the workplace


Staff Recruitment

Recruiting employees at all levels of your company's structure

Operating Forklift Trucks

Experienced operators at your fingertips

Suppluing Customers With Cleaning Supplies

Professional products in a selected offer



Deadly effective disinfection of even the most inaccessible places


Spray disinfection by ULV ozonation


Effective disinfection with UV-C radiation