At Horizont Global, our priority is to help in perfect maintenance of order for company headquarters, halls and other large-area places. We focus our activities on services such as cleaning and snow removal from outdoor areas in the winter season. We work mainly on behalf of corporate and institutional clients, for example, we provide snow removal services for industrial facilities and logistics centers or plant care.

It is worth emphasising that impeccably maintained external areas around the company and its building are the first step in the process of building a positive corporate image.

We have modern equipment and chemicals at our disposal, which allow us to take care of the proper presentation of the whole area entrusted to us. We’ll make sure that the external area of your company reflects the professionalism of your company. Our headquarters is located in Wrocław, but we provide services throughout Poland and abroad.


What do we do?

We take care of greenery and hardscape areas, together with equipment or elements of small architecture, such as benches, tables, chairs, trash bins or rubbish bins.

We sign contracts with clients to perform our services. They are divided into servicing the company's outdoor space, industrial facility or logistics center in the spring-summer, autumn and winter seasons. In the warmer period of the year, we mainly clean (e.g. remove garbage), while our activities also include plant care and grass mowing. We also create new flower arrangements and even entire zones filled with plants at the request of our clients.

In winter, we provide snow removal services (also from paved roads, loading docks and parking lots). We clear snow from the company's outdoor area manually, mechanically or with the use of chemical spraying. This allows you to optimize the work related to the removal of ice and residual snow cover on the roofs of buildings.

Greenery services include:

  • mowing grass,
  • trimming and creative forming of bushes and trees,
  • watering plants,
  • plant fertilisation,
  • planting lawns, bushes and trees,
  • shaping and planting flowerbeds,
  • removing weeds,
  • preventive and intervention spraying,
  • raking of leaves (mainly in autumn).

As part of our services related to the maintenance of the hardscape areas, we perform work on restoring and maintaining the cleanliness of internal roads, pavements, squares or parking lots and loading docks. Services in this case may include:

  • manual or machine sweeping of hardscape areas,
  • vacuum or machine cleaning of surfaces from various atmospheric, biological or chemical soils,
  • removing difficult tyre and fluid stains,
  • weed control.

What does long-term implementation of contracts for cleaning external areas look like?

We always perform the service on the basis of delivering heavy equipment to the client’s facility, where it is continuously stationed and ready to perform services in relation to the contract. The service is provided at the client’s request or at discretion of our coordinators on site.

Heavy equipment includes:

  • heavy duty machines,
  • tractors,
  • multicars.

We usually remove the snow and take over the snow on the client’s premises and at the same time we sprinkle this area of the car park or the roadway with salt or other mixture indicated by the client.

Who do we provide services to?

Large logistics centres, large reloading points, shopping centres or production plants are the main recipients of such a services. Wherever there are lawns, squares, flower beds, roads and car parks on the company premises, cleaning and snow removal services will undoubtedly prove very useful.

We can sign a contract with our clients that will specify the services we will undertake on a regular basis on company property.