We offer window cleaning services with the use of deionised water. The secret of such services is deionised water itself. This kind of water is commonly available, but we can also produce this type of water on the customer’s premises by using special devices for deionizing water and the use of appropriate chemicals.

What is deionised water?

Deionised water, osmotic or demineralised water is water that is free of foreign ions. This can be done by repetitive water distillation or by exchanging water ions for hydrogen and hydroxide ions by means of a deioniser.

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Why do we use deionised water to clean windows?

The use of deionised water for cleaning makes the windows completely spot and streak free. The windows are protected against the influence of external factors for a long time: dust, sand, greases in the air, which do not form residues on the glass surfaces for a long time. Deionised water forms a coating on the glass, which gives a long lasting effect of clean windows for our customers.

How do we perform our service?

The service of washing windows with deionised water is performed by our company with the use of telescopic window cleaning poles. Osmotic water is a natural cleaning agent which, when used properly, allows for effective cleaning of glass surfaces. This is an innovative window cleaning technique in which deionised water is applied to the surface of the glass under pressure by using a lance connected to our specialist equipment. Our telescopic window cleaning pole allows for cleaning windows from the ground (up to 12 metres) without the need for using additional equipment. If necessary, we wash the windows with deionised water at the customer’s facility with the use of industrial mountaineering. Thanks to this, we are also able to clean windows on high rise buildings, in the same way as we would on a one- or two-storey building.

We always adjust the window cleaning service to the individual needs of our clients and to the characteristics of the facility.

Why choose this method for cleaning windows?

Cleaning windows with deionised water helps keep the windows clean for longer, but this is not the only advantage of using this cleaning method. The most important advantages of this system are undoubtedly the effectiveness and eco-friendly character of the service. Osmotic water, i.e. deionised water is devoid of cations and anions, and, therefore, has strong properties to absorb dirt. There is no need to use any addition cleaning products as deionised water helps get rid of the contamination from the glass surfaces in a short time. Crystal clear deionised water does leave any streaks on the window and the surface cleaned with the use of this type of water remains cleaner for longer time periods.

The use of natural cleaning agent and simple tools allows you to achieve the best results for a long time. Glass surfaces remain clean despite the negative impact of external factors which usually make glazing or windows dirty.