We supply our customers with cleaning products as part of the performance of a wide range of cleaning services. We professionally restore and maintain permanent cleanliness in facilities belonging to the companies that we cooperate with.
We are specialists in cleaning and choosing the right cleaning products for various cleaning activities that we perform.

We have already chosen the best products that we work with

Since the day of founding the company, we have already tested almost all cleaning products and detergents that are available on the market. Thanks to this we were able to select the best products that we use for our everyday work. The cleaning services we offer to our customers are, on one hand, performed by experienced and knowledgeable employees and, on the other hand, performed by means of reliable and safe-to-use products.

Wide range of cleaning products and more…

We can supply our customers with products such as: soap, toilet paper, paper towels, but also with other products such as: products for dishwashers, washing dishes, air fresheners etc. As one of the main providers of cleaning services in the market and due to our cooperation with local manufacturers we can provide our customers with a wide range of hygiene, chemical and cleaning products.

We offer a comprehensive supply of products needed to maintain hygiene at work place and in private homes. Our company has its own technologist who chooses the right products that will meet the expectations of customers and fulfill the needs of the facility. When the set of products is ready, it is delivered to our business partners. Using the best products available on the market guarantees cleanliness.

What can be found in our product range?

We can supply our clients with the following cleaning products:

  • Personal hygiene products: soap, dispensers, paper towels, cosmetic tissues, toilet paper, air fresheners and odour neutralisers, toilet seat tissue covers, skin care products.
  • Cleaning supplies: cleaning detergents for kitchens, toilets and textiles, surface and floor cleaners, disinfectants.
  • Mobile cleaning equipment: cleaning trolleys and kits, window cleaning equipment, handles, mops and sticks.
    Small equipment: cloths and sponges, cleaning cloths, machine pads, brushes and brooms, bags.

All the personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and mobile cleaning equipment along with the small cleaning equipment offered to our customers are of high quality and they allow for taking care of cleanliness at work and at home. Our employees use the same products for performing complex cleaning and hygiene services and have always been happy with the results that these products offer.

We would like to invite you to place an order with us and in case you need our help in choosing the right set of cleaning supplies, we are always here to help you make the best choice.