When dealing with the maintenance in order and the highest aesthetic level, you should consider cleaning the exterior of the building. It also means getting into hard-to-reach places. In order to maintain the headquarters of companies in a perfect visual condition, such as office buildings, industrial halls or warehouses, as part of our services, we provide mountaineering cleaning. We reach surfaces located at high altitudes - our specialized mountaineering cleaning services are performed by professionals. Places that are difficult to access, usually at high altitudes, on skyscrapers, tall office buildings or production and industrial or storage halls, also require periodic cleaning. Having that in mind, our company offers cleaning services of such places as well. Taking care of the highest standards and client satisfaction, we offer specialist services for works at heights.

Mycie wysokościowe

Work at heights – what is it exactly?

Works at heights are one of the other areas of the so-called soft facility management that we provide to our clients within the framework of usually long-term contracts concluded with them. Works at heights usually consist of:

  • facade cleaning,
  • cleaning of glass and glazing,
  • professional snow removal from the roofs.

The client, by entering into a contract with our company, is comprehensively guaranteed a range of various services that are certainly present on his facility or the facility he manages.

Staff of professional workers

All work at heights are carried out by alpinist workers who are properly trained and have certificates recognised throughout Europe – IRATA certificates. IRATA is an international organisation of professionals who provide services and training in the field of safe work at heights. Its certificates are recognised practically all over the world – our employees hold such certificates at L1, L2 and L3 levels. Thus, they are prepared in terms of content and practicality to work at heights, in rope access, i.e. with the use of mountaineering equipment.

They have up-to-date medical examinations and completed health and safety training. All these documents remain at the disposal of our clients who commission us to carry out work at heights. We would like to stress that our company meets all legal standards in this respect.

Tools for working at heights

Our company performs services at heights in a professional manner, using various types of equipment, which includes:

  • lifts,
  • scaffolding,
  • mountaineering equipment.

Our employees can use them perfectly in order to reach places that are difficult to reach and carry out cleaning works there. Everything is done in the safest conditions. The client can be sure that he fulfils all legal obligations to provide safe working conditions for people working at heights.

What services are included in our work at heights?

We offer cleaning of various surfaces or structures, located at heights, in often very hard to reach places. Among others, our services may include:

  • washing of windows,
  • washing of walls,
  • cleaning of roofs,
  • washing of chimneys,
  • washing of silos,
  • cleaning of equipment, e.g. industrial machinery, shelving and lighting.

Thanks to high qualifications and specialised equipment we are able to perform professional service in almost any place indicated by the client. We use the best methods, machines and preparations, which we adjust each time to the type of surfaces to be cleaned and the type of dirt to be removed. These preparations are high quality chemicals that are effective in removing dirt, dust, atmospheric, biological or road and industrial pollution, but they also do not damage the cleaned surfaces.

We offer: pressure and steam cleaning, demineralised water cleaning, dry ice cleaning, cleaning with chemicals. The highest standard and safety are not only our priorities when performing various types of work at heights.