This is another area of specialisation of our company. We want to provide our clients with a wide range of services, including liquidation or protection against flying and running insects, mice, rats and vermin.

First, we conduct a “zero audit”, in which we determine if the client needs:

  • rat poison,
  • live traps,
  • deratisation stations.

We hold appropriate certificates, authorisations and experience in the field of disinfection, disinsectisation and deratisation work.


Our company undertakes services consisting in disinfection of various rooms and facilities. It is an action that destroys microorganisms and their spore forms. We use various methods to remove microorganisms, such as:

  • chemical methods,
  • physical methods,
  • thermo-chemical methods.

The disinfection service allows you to get rid of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and any other microorganisms from the disinfected surfaces. It leaves surfaces hygienically clean.


Another service we provide is disinsectisation. It consists in fighting unwanted insects – running, flying, crawling and the like, as well as their larvae and eggs. Our employees remove insects such as these during disinsectisation:

  • ants,
  • moths
  • flies,
  • mosquitoes,
  • bugs,
  • cockroaches.

During disinfection we use various techniques leading to effective extermination of insects. Those methods include:

  • chemical,
  • biotechnological,
  • physical,
  • mechanical.

As a result of disinsectisation, we effectively get rid of troublesome insects once and for all.


We know how big of a problem in industrial plants, warehouses and production halls, and especially wherever food production and storage takes place, can the activity of rodents be. That`s why we have prepared the deratisation service for such clients. It`s a service designed to exterminate rodents, especially mice and rats. It also includes services that aim to protect against rodents. Our company uses several methods of deratisation at the same time – all in order to effectively get rid of pests from our clients? facilities. A comprehensive fight against them usually brings the best possible results.

Our specialists will use specialist equipment and chemicals with appropriate approvals for deratinisation. Trained employees perform deratisation service, as well as disinfection and disinsectisation competently, comprehensively but discreetly. No one needs to know what kind of work our subordinates are actually carrying out on the facility being serviced.

Modern solutions for deratisation

As Horizont Global, we have already introduced a very innovative solution for remote monitoring of live traps and catching rats and mice on site. It consists in mounting special detectors to the live traps, which connect to the application in the smartphone and inform that a mouse or a rat has been trapped. Then our serviceman knows exactly where and when the rodent was caught on the facility being serviced. It can come immediately to the site and remove it, leaving the set deratisation trap for re-use. This reduces the time it takes to catch rodents that make life miserable for owners of companies, production halls, industry or warehouses.