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Horizont Global is a modern company, established in Wrocław, which provides its services throughout Poland and has exclusively Polish capital. We are a team of professionals who are passionate and committed to the tasks we are assigned with, and innovation is our main motto. We provide facility management services for medium and large enterprises, as well as public institutions.


We set the bar high – our goal is to look for solutions that will help improve facility management. We provide services which are not available anywhere else and since we have many years of experience in working in large industrial or warehouse facilities we do not fear any challenges. We like to learn more everyday, that is why we conduct regular trainings, we look for new technologies and we implement the solutions that have not been seen on such a scale. We are a confident company with a stable position on the market and we do not consider anything impossible.

Misja i cele


We know that companies are made up of people. It’s no different at Horizont Global. Our employees make up a specialised team that is eager to carry out new tasks. The recruitment department looks for people with appropriate training and qualifications and if no such people are found, we make sure our employees complete proper trainings or improve their qualifications. We employ over 1,500 reliable professionals who are responsible for keeping facilities clean and taking care of company’s corporate image. We have implemented our own employee control system based on regular audits and employee scoring which allows us to respond to any problems or address the possible shortcomings in a timely manner. Each order is approached individually, and all the details of order execution are discussed by the facility coordinators.


We know that to execute an order well one needs a reliable and modern equipment. Horizont Global uses equipment produced by globally recognised brands, such as: Karcher, Numatic, Henry Kruse, Kranzle or Hako. Our machinery park includes, among others, machines that are used for sweeping, mopping, washing, polishing and removing snow. In addition to ready-made solutions, we also create technologies for non-standard solutions, such us spraying the roofs with chemicals. We have dry ice cleaning machines, climbing equipment, scissor and basket lifts, thanks to which we can also work in hard-to-reach places.

Park maszynowy
Środki Czystości


Since our company has been operating on the market for many years, we already know what cleaning supplies to choose when dealing with various types of problems. Thanks to this, our technologist can choose the right technologies that will meet the needs of any facility. These companies supply us with cleaning products: Merida, Henry Kruse, Voigt and Diversey. All of these products are certified and eco-friendly.


The quality of our services is confirmed by numerous certificates and attestations, both European, such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015, and those awarded by our suppliers, including Merida, Henry Kruse and Numatic International. Our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost value to us. That is the reason why we perform the duties entrusted to us in accordance with strictly defined standards and industry solutions. In order to ensure reliable performance of the tasks and execution of the entrusted work, we have implemented our own programme allowing us to control all company departments and coordinate all company processes. We have also introduced a highly developed control system in the facilities where we provide our services – the coordinators conduct audits and report on the progress of work or possible shortcomings. This allows us to act quickly, prevent problems and at the same time be in touch with the client. Our helpdesk is available for our clients 24/7.

Polityka Jakości

Horizont Global is made up of specialists who operate in the real estate and process services industry support and outsourcing for 12 years. Our company is based in Wrocław, but this not limits us in providing services. We conclude contracts with clients throughout the country and not only. We have only Polish capital.

People, who make up a well-coordinated team of specialists, are the greatest value of Horizont Global. Each of our employees presents an individualized approach to the client. Accurately recognizes his needs and is able to respond to them. The main principle that we follow in our work and during establishing cooperation with contractors is to meet all of their expectations as much as possible. Thanks to the implementation of a proprietary service control program, we are able to supervise each stage of the services we undertake.

We have already conducted routine customer satisfaction surveys more than once, which invariably confirmed that we meet their expectations. We take care of supplementing and updating ours specialized knowledge. Operative approach to each task entrusted to us contributes to maintaining the highest business standards.

Horizont Global employs several hundred people who work for the good image of the company. It is the employees who give us a certificate of professionalism and reliability. We are glad that we are an employer for qualified staff who reliably performs professional tasks, using the necessary procedures and with due diligence. Each action plan is subject to a system of supervision, as well as the work of subordinates. An integral part of this system is audit and scoring, which additionally motivates the team to improve and achieve better and better results. We take care of every detail in our work, as well as an ethical attitude towards both clients and employees.

Horizont Global's mission is to create new, high standards of service for the purpose of successively raising quality of life and work of our clients. We can strive for this by providing them friendly and healthy environment. The satisfaction of business partners with the services they provide is very important to us. That is why we constantly care about the efficiency and development of employees, and improvement of services results from continuous training, creation and implementation of standards and control quality. The highest standard is based on our over 10 years of experience, permanent development and use of the most modern technologies in our work.

In our activities, the concept of customer satisfaction with cooperation with Horizont Global is based on two pillars:

  • partnership with internal and external contractors,
  • the highest standard of services.

Qualified staff and the use of modern machinery, as well as cooperation with producers of high-quality chemicals and cleaning agents have allowed our company to achieve customer satisfaction. We operate based on precise standards, thanks to which we properly fulfill our duties. We regularly train our specialists and look for new industry solutions, they can use.

The features that distinguish us are:

  • professionalism,
  • flexibility,
  • complexity,
  • punctuality.