Czy mamy w ofercie usługi sprzątania mieszkań?

Our offer includes only company facilities and large-scale buildings. We also care for green areas. Unfortunately, we do not undertake cleaning of residential premises.

Jak wygląda realizacja usługi?

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the offer. After accepting the proposal, the coordinator and the representative will familiarize themselves with the facility and its requirements. The so-called "zero" audit. After a thorough review of a given place and its condition, the demand for the type of cleaning, the number of employees and equipment is estimated, and the order is completed.

Czy można zamówić usługę jednorazową?

Of course! As part of our services, it is possible to order one-time cleaning, e.g. after construction or renovation, or cyclical - an example may be window cleaning or mountaineering cleaning carried out quarterly or half a year.

Czy nasze środki czystości są bezpieczne?

All preparations that we use on a daily basis in our work have the necessary approvals and certificates. We have, among others preparations for chemical snow removal from roofs or deratization.

Czy na obiekty zapewniamy personel?

Yes, our staff is a team of qualified and trained employees. While performing their tasks, they had to deal with many problematic situations, such as snow removal from industrial facilities or deratisation of halls - you can count on them

Czy prowadzimy rekrutacje?

To find out about our job offers, please contact the Human Resources Department by calling 884 060 150. We will provide you with all the information about vacancies and explain how the recruitment process works.

W jakich miastach świadczymy nasze usługi?

Our cleaning company operates throughout Poland. The Sales Department will familiarize you with our detailed offer and will present the possibilities related to the use of our services.

Czy usługi są wykonywane z użyciem naszych maszyn?

Yes, our machines are available to all employees on site. Our machine park is a wide range of various equipment and devices, e.g. for mountaineering cleaning, which we adapt to the type of surface.