Nowadays, the disinfection of rooms is the basis for the functioning of every workplace - be it warehouse halls or corporate office buildings. Fogging is one of the most effective methods used in the industry.

What is ULV fogging?

Professional foggers are devices for disinfecting rooms with the ULV method, i.e. ultra low volume, which produce steam with microscopic particles of a biocide chemical that settles on the surfaces in the room and penetrates into their nooks and crannies.

Special foggers are designed to spray very fine drops (from 10um to 50um) of fog into the air, which disinfects all the spaces in the room. It is an extremely effective and effective method, it does not require any special protection requirements because such fog is not dangerous to humans. 

Fogging using the ULV method is performed by us using certified, fully effective and safe disinfecting agents. We have access to the best substances that meet all standards and guarantee full disinfection of rooms, providing employees with freedom of work and health protection.  

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Where is fogging applied?

The ULV fogging method is so safe and universal that it can be used in almost all facilities - both in offices with dozens of employees every day, as well as in warehouse halls and in vehicles, e.g. in ambulances. The need for disinfection is invaluable nowadays - employers have to meet the high requirements of various legal regulations. The coordinator assigned to the facility will adjust the fogging frequency, and a qualified technologist will select the appropriate chemicals and professional equipment. Our experience in the disinfection carried out allows us to carry out this service at the highest level.

Disinfection of workplaces

In the era of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to secure the workplace in a sustainable manner - so that there is no direct threat to the health of the employee or obstruct the performance of his duties. Fogging perfectly combines these features. The ULV method is based on low-temperature fog, so that many biocides retain their properties.

Fog generators are selected by a specialist technologist for the type of room - in small spaces there will be manual generators, with the help of which our employee will spray the agent in the room. We use professional foggers, resembling cannons, on large-scale facilities - they allow for disinfection at a much faster pace. It is worth mentioning that the fog created by such nozzles does not leave any traces on walls or other surfaces, and subsequent ventilation of the rooms is also not required.

However, fogging is not only about fighting the coronavirus - studies have shown that this method will also deal with other viruses such as Adenovirus type 5, Murinenorovirus, as well as swine flu A / H1N1, and bird flu A / H5N1. It eliminates tuberculosis sticks and e.coli bacteria, and also has positive effects in the case of disinfestation - it eliminates various insects: flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, scabies and mites.