As one of the leading cleaning companies on the market, Horizont Global can offer its clients very convenient conditions related to the rental of cleaning machines and equipment.

We have been cooperating with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of such devices for many years now, so we can secure our clients in this area as well. If there is a need that the client would like to start providing cleaning services individually in certain areas, we can provide cleaning equipment and machines for such activities. We sell and rent our machines in the short and long term.

Modern, functional machines

We offer a full range of cleaning machines and tools for sale and rent. They are based on modern technologies, which allows to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all cleaning works.

Thanks to many years of work in the cleaning industry, we have an excellent knowledge on the selection of machines and equipment for cleaning and maintaining the appropriate level of cleanliness. This allowed us to select devices and provide services based on the best of them. We help our clients to select the machines matched to their needs. We assist in the selection of equipment to be purchased or rented to clients, so that it is best suited to the cleaning tasks in the specific facilities. We make modern equipment available and at the same time we provide you with specialist knowledge.

To whom do we address our services?

In terms of selling and renting long-term or short-term cleaning machines, we serve different client groups. All entities that want to efficiently and effectively solve the problem of cleaning rooms in companies, offices, production plants, parking lots, production and storage halls and any other large-format areas and more, can establish cooperation with our company.

Cooperation with well-known brands, in a wide range of machinery and equipment

We can provide you with machines and equipment of well-known and renowned companies. We work with leading brands that have been building professional cleaning equipment for years. Among them, we can mention companies such as:

  • Karcher,
  • Numatic,
  • Henry Kruse,
  • Kranzle,
  • Hako.

In our offer, we have machines designed for various types of cleaning and maintenance treatments. We sell and rent – long-term and short-term, depending on the needs of our clients, machines and equipment such as:

  • sweepers,
  • scrubbers,
  • dry and wet vacuum cleaners,
  • washing systems,
  • polishers.

In addition, we have all the accessories and subassemblies that make it possible to carry out any cleaning and maintenance task in the various rooms and on various equipment. We offer scissor lifts, basket lifts, as well as scaffolding, which allow us to carry out works at a height, e.g. cleaning facades or roofs.

We provide not only the sales of machines or their rental, but also transport to the address indicated by the client. So he doesn’t have to worry about how to transport e.g. scaffolding and lifts, or extensive vacuum cleaners and washing systems to his company headquarters, office or institution.

Why is it worth renting or buying professional cleaning machines?

For clients who have not yet made the final decision to obtain washing and cleaning machines for their company or institution, we would like to convince them that such machines significantly increase the comfort and effectiveness of cleaning, which gains in importance when it comes to keeping large areas properly cleaned. The machines and cleaning machines we have in the offer can be conveniently adapted to different types of needs and types of dirt to be removed.