The UV-C rays that are emitted by special lamps can fully eliminate bacteria and microorganisms from almost any surface, restoring full sterility.

What are germicidal lamps?

Germicidal lamps are an ideal method of disinfecting rooms and spaces, especially in beauty and doctor's offices, but also in all those rooms where hygiene and safety of people visiting them should be especially taken care of. There are three types of such lamps: ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and free-standing, providing disinfection in a specific place.

Disinfection with UV-C lamps usually consists in a two-phase air flow through the disinfection chamber - the fan sucks in air that passes through a special filter, and then is returned to the room free of unwanted bacteria. The air that returns to the room is perfectly microbial free.

 Depending on the needs, such lamps can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and can be supported by a solid stand - then they become mobile and disinfect the selected room or surfaces.

Where are UV-C lamps used?

The need to disinfect premises is now a priority for all employers and facility owners. Germicidal lamps are perfect for all health centers, clinics and doctors' offices, ensuring safety not only for doctors and medical staff, but also for patients and visitors. The use of this form of disinfection will effectively reduce the spread of germs outside or inside the facility, minimizing the risks. 

This disinfection method is also used in laboratories and pharmacies where sterility is a high priority. The food, cosmetics, hotel and catering industries are just some of the branches of business that also purchase such lamps.

Are the lamps safe?

The use of germicidal lamps in rooms helps to restore sterile cleanliness free from microorganisms, but remember to leave the room when disinfecting. The invaluable effectiveness of these lamps restores sterility in facilities that require it.

Lamps can also be used locally, if we are aware that the object could be contaminated. 

You should also not forget to clean regularly and change bulbs - this way we can be sure that the disinfection is carried out effectively. If all components work properly, then we will be sure of complete safety. Our qualified staff under the supervision of a specialist technologist help to select the appropriate model and type of lamp as well as the place of its installation. We also support entrepreneurs when it comes to servicing and replacing elements.