Property owners and managers are legally obliged to remove icicles, ice overhangs or snow from the roof areas.

They must employ suitably qualified people who can work at height for such tasks. Our staff includes specialists who have obtained the appropriate permissions to work works at heights during removal of snow and icicles from the roof areas. They have valid certificates of no medical contraindications to work at heights and have undergone appropriate training.

Chemical spraying as a method for snow removal from the roof areas

Our company offers chemical spraying as a competitive method for manual and mechanical snow and ice removal from the roof areas. In this way we can remove snow from the roofs of single-family houses, office buildings, production halls, shops and other buildings with both flat and sloping roofs.
The chemicals used by us for spray snow removal from the roof areas will not destroy or damage any surfaces. It is selected in such a way that it does not endanger the cleaned roofs in any way.
The service of chemical roof spraying is an innovative solution on the Polish market. We provide it to private, institutional and corporate clients.

Why is it worth to choose a chemical roof spraying method when clearing snow?

First of all, using the chemical roof spraying method when removing the cover of snow and ice, it is possible to remove such lingering masses of snow and icing in relatively short time and reduce the cost of snow removal from the roof.

The chemicals we use are highly effective in snow removal and ice melting on the roofs. They even work at extremely low temperatures. Moreover, chemical spraying of the roof gives a long-lasting effect, because under normal conditions, without sudden precipitation, the chemical agent applied by spraying the roof retains its prolonged activity even for 3 days. It does not leave a tarnish on the roof surface and is not dangerous for such surface. Also chemical agent is not a threat to the natural environment.

How do we provide a chemical roof spraying service?

This service is based on replacing manual snow removal from the roof by the work of mountaineers with spraying a biodegradable agent – a product for fertilizing plants of German production. In technical process the roof is sprayed over the entire surface, and a coating of snow or ice in a short time dissolves, causing the water with the chemical flow into the storm sewer and sewage treatment plant. There is no waste here, no need to designate a snow discharge site. It is an innovative service, efficient and fast, and thus cost-optimized. It lowers the costs of snow removal from roofs incurred by administrators and managers of buildings.

Our specialists use specialized equipment and preparations at our disposal. Chemical agents, we talked about, are designed to get rid of snow and ice from roofs, gutters and pipes. We have full climbing equipment and lifts that allow us to reach hard-to-reach places at the height of the roof and also carry out chemical spraying of the roof there.

We make sure that we perform the chemical snow removal service as effectively as possible, without risks for our employees – safety is our priority in the implementation of all works.