The next thing on our cleaning list included in the agreement with our customers is the seasonal cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. We usually carry out such works once a quarter, which is enough to keep them clean.

Our company professionally cleans, washes and protects wall-to-wall carpets, rugs and upholstery from rapid re-soiling. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to professionally carry out works on all types of textile floor coverings and upholsteries. Effective cleaning methods are selected according to the type and structure of the pile, primary backing fabric, secondary backing fabric or degree of contamination.

Pranie dywanów i tapicerek

How do we perform our cleaning services?

For cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery we use carpet extraction machines and dry foam cleaning. This allows us to extend the life of carpets or rugs placed in our customers’ premises.

In order to increase the effectiveness of our cleaning services, apart from using specialist equipment we also use professional detergents. Each type of textile floor coverings – carpets, rugs and the like – needs to be assessed on spot and requires special treatment. We adapt the cleaning technique and detergents we use to the material, its structure, type of weave and other factors.

What kind of services do we offer?

Our wall-to-wall carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning offer includes such works as:

  • extraction,
  • shampooing,
  • foaming,
  • encapsulation,
  • bonnet cleaning.

Extraction, i.e. deep cleaning, means distributing a detergent on the surface to be cleaned. It is then removed together with the dirt from the wall-to-wall carpet or a rug by using an extractor. The spraying and suction cleansing device simultaneously applies the detergent, effectively removes dirt and drains off the remaining liquids. For this reason, extraction is the method of cleaning suitable for most types of wall-to-wall carpets and rugs.

Deep cleaning activities also include shampooing. During shampooing, the detergent is spread on the surface to be cleaned, which is then foamed and rubbed with a carpet scrubbing machine. Excess fluids are sucked or rinsed off, and when the surface is dry, it is vacuumed by our employees from a crystallised mix of shampoo and dirt. This method is suitable for cleaning most textile floor coverings. We cannot clean the following textiles with the use of this method:

  • flocked carpets,
  • carpet tiles installed on the raised access floors,
  • wall-to-wall carpets with backings.

Foaming is the use of so-called “dry foam” in cleaning rugs, wall-to-wall carpets and upholstery. We refer to it as a care routine cleaning, which consists of spreading and rubbing the foam into the surface. This foam dissolves dirt. The dirt is then sucked off with the dry foam vacuum cleaner. The surface after foaming is only slightly soaked and it dries quickly. We recommend the foaming method for various types of rugs. wall-to-wall carpets and upholstery.

Encapsulation is yet another care routine. During the process of encapsulation our employees distribute the detergent on a given surface. It is rubbed into the surface with the use of a specialist equipment that dissolves dirt. When the detergent dries, it mixes with the impurities by encapsulating them into small capsules – particles that are easily removed by ordinary dry vacuuming. We recommend encapsulation cleaning for all rugs, wall-to-wall carpets and upholstery, even those that need very low moisture cleaning, i.e. in the case of cleaning loop carpets, velour, needle felt carpets etc. There is not much moisture used during the cleaning process, so the surface dries quickly.

Last but not least, bonnet cleaning! This is another type of care cleaning, which works by means of distributing a detergent on the surface to be cleaned. It is rubbed into the surface with the use of a rotating machine and it dissolves dirt. This device is equipped with a bonnet which, in addition to rubbing in the detergent, also collects dirt. This care cleaning method is designed for low pile, needled, loop and flocked textile surfaces. However, we do not use bonnet cleaning method on woven, tufted cut, shaggy, bituminous or heavy latex backing.

Protection against rapid re-soiling

After cleaning and drying wall-to-wall carpets, rugs and upholsteries, we use the detergents which naturally prevent these textiles from spills such as coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and juices, and protect against rapid re-soiling.