welfare unit & dumpster rental services

The company can offer a wide range of products when it comes to renting welfare units or dumpsters and providing various services related to such rental. What can be found in our offer are office and welfare units as well as dumpsters for waste disposal:


  • communal waste,
  • construction waste,
  • yard waste.
In addition to the rental service, we can also offer our customers cleaning of waste and waste collection under conditions that are adapted to the characteristics of the business. All guidelines related to the aforementioned services, including the rental of dumpsters or welfare units that the client needs, shall be specified in the agreement. The welfare units and dumpsters are adjusted to customer’s needs, which are established during preliminary discussions and a zero audit performed on the spot.

Use of office and welfare units

We offer to our customers rental of office and welfare units, which are needed when, for example, an office is not finished or some renovation works are carried out. Customers oftentimes need such units to make sure that their employees have appropriate conditions for fulfilling their professional duties.

In case there is a need for such unit to be delivered, the client makes an order and lets us know what units are needed. Sometimes we also deliver office and welfare units to the construction site so that its employees can start work earlier and have breakfast and other meals in a place that is well-designed for this purpose. The employees can also take a shower, wash themselves or use a toilet. After the completion of construction works and putting an office building into use, the units that were delivered by our company are picked up and we settle the short-term rental with our client. We take great care in adapting the services to our customer`s needs, which is certainly a great advantage.

Waste management

One of the most important tasks in the management of facilities of all kinds (construction, office and other) is waste management. Storage of used materials in containers that were designed for this purpose is a sign of rationality and responsibility of the company owner. When rubbish is placed in appropriate waste containers, it does not make the facility look untidy and it is much easier to pick it up and take it to a recycling company or to a landfill.
Horizont Global cares about the interests of its customers and offers dumpster rental services to companies and individuals. We provide short and long term rentals, which makes it easy to offer our customers the services they need.

We have dumpsters for all types of waste: municipal, industrial and mixed. In our offer you will find dumpsters of different sizes, from 350L to 1100L. We adapt our offer to customer`s requirements and to the type of waste and its hazardousness. The dumpsters make the place safe and tidy. Rubbish is stored in one designated place, which makes the place look even more tidy compared to if it was stored in many places.