waste management

In the course of client service, the waste management is our responsibility. We provide such services under contracts concluded with clients

What is our service all about?

The service related to the waste management consists in comprehensive and constant supervision of waste in our client`s company. The implementation of this system can provide many benefits to the client, leading to increased efficiency of employees, who can simply concentrate on the tasks entrusted to them, instead of proper segregation of waste, taking it to the right place and disposing of it. The employee can concentrate on his work and perform his duties much more efficiently.

In addition, our service relieves our client from additional tasks and formalities related to waste. It is our responsibility to take care of the entire process of waste collection, storage and disposal on a continuous basis, throughout the entire company’s operation.

The advantage resulting from the use of such a service will also be the reduction of costs of the service provided to all those entrepreneurs where the waste they generate is recyclable. We care about the environment and offer an attractive purchase of secondary raw materials, at a good, competitive price.

Waste generated at different sites

We are aware that every company, office or other kind of institution, in the course of its activities, generates all kinds of waste. These can be typically municipal waste, production waste and others. They are located in different parts of production plants, warehouses and logistics centres. Our dedicated cleaning team collects, segregates and selects this waste for recycling. We carry out comprehensive works related to the internal waste management.

Ongoing waste handling

Our company is ready to provide clients with the following services:

  • providing the appropriate bins and containers to suit the needs of the company;
  • emptying bins from all staff positions and other places where they are collected;
  • move the waste to a container;
  • dispose of waste, as a part of a separate waste collection service.

We will help you to store virtually any type of waste that arises in the course of your company or institution, in a safe and permanently reliable manner. We respond to the needs arising from the specific nature of your business.

We collect waste from all the sites where it is produced, including workstations, in one place. So the employees no longer have to bother to bring them to the container. We transport waste by providing a rational and efficient waste management service.

Client assistance with waste management

We provide comprehensive services to our clients in various industries. We provide services in the field of waste management and in this way we can help you to fulfil your organisational responsibilities concerning waste and other municipal and production waste. We will introduce you and carry out such tasks as sorting, collection and transport of waste generated in the company. This will certainly make the entire waste management organisation much more efficient in terms of logistics and finances. This will result in increased work efficiency in a short time, and the workplace itself and our clients will certainly become more friendly and aesthetic.