waste collection

Every single one of us generates waste. In the case of households, we can talk about municipal waste, and in enterprises, we are not only dealing with such waste – production and industrial waste of all kinds is also produced there.

So it is safe to say that waste is a side effect of economic activity. They are produced for almost every process, whether in storage or production. For this reason, companies, institutions or offices need professional services which are related to waste disposal. Waste collection is one of our services.

What is the waste collection service based on?

The collection of waste after treatment or after internal storage and waste management are the services included in the comprehensive waste services program. It consists in collecting all waste from one location and loading it into large delivery vans. They go to professional sorting plants or to landfills. The client can be sure that we will take care of all the storage, selection, segregation, collection and transportation of waste to the collection point from start to finish.

When collecting waste from a place indicated by the client, we collect waste of various types, sizes and origins. They can be either sorted or mixed. We handle all bins and containers that serve our clients to collect the waste generated by the production processes.

What do we do?

We collect waste from our clients in a reliable, timely and systematic manner. We know how important it is to maintain the current activity of manufacturing, industrial or service companies to maintain an appropriate frequency of waste collection. An individually tailored solution for their transport can bring you real savings. We will collect industrial and municipal waste from the client and then deliver it to the appropriate institutions using appropriate vans.

Why choose our company?

We are a professional service provider that takes care of waste disposal. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have created an offer of waste collection, which allows to increase the comfort of work through a one-time or cyclical service.
We know how important it is to segregate and recycle waste for the environment. Wherever possible, we manage our client`s waste in such a way that it can be recycled, and if this is not possible, it is properly disposed of. By taking care of waste disposal in a comprehensive and systematic way, we can contribute to improving the work of manufacturing and industrial enterprises.

An additional advantage of waste collection by our company is the possibility to take advantage of the service cost reduction if the waste is recyclable. For the sake of the environment, we offer our clients the purchase of secondary raw materials.

The service of collecting waste and transporting it to recycling companies or to landfill is one of the main elements of comprehensively developed waste management systems. In reality, material – rubbish and other waste – is moved from the place of collection to the place of processing, i.e. disposal, recycling or long-term storage.