vending machines

We deliver vending machines mostly to production plants, in the vicinity of canteens, on production and logistics halls, where there is a high density of employees who would like to use energy drinks, food resources, snacks and candy bars.

What are the vending machines?

It is a device that allows self-service sales usually of food, but there are also vending machines offering services such as washing machines or photo machines.

However, vending machines with all kinds of snacks, where the purchase is done with coins and banknotes or with a payment card and a terminal for accepting non-cash payments, are the best choice for our clients. Many vending machines can give the change, so you are not required to have small, specific amount of money with you.

Such machines have existed for decades, but they are constantly being upgraded and improved. Food vending machines can offer, among other things:

  • salty snacks, like chips, breadsticks, crackers,
  • sweet snacks, like candy bars, chocolates,
  • instant soups,
  • fresh sandwiches,
  • drinks – hot and cold,
  • healthy food, also dietic.

The wide range of products in the vending machines gives every potential user of the machine something to choose from to eat that really suits their culinary tastes.

Do I need a vending machine in my company or institution?

The “zero audit” allows us to see the client`s needs and respond to them, among other things through solutions such as vending machines. Our wide range of services allows us to offer this type of vending machines, apart from the catering service, which can be supplemented with them.

Lunches given or offered for purchase to employees at the workplace may be insufficient for many people, especially those working physically. Vending machines can complement them. An employee can buy himself a snack or a drink in a modern, self-service machine. Vending machines can successfully replace small shops. They are easy to use because all you have to do is select the desired product, pay for it and pick it up.

The advantage of vending machines is that they offer the possibility to make purchases around the clock, 365 days a year, even on Sundays and holidays.

Cooperation with the best partners on the market

We cooperate with the largest suppliers on the vending machine market. Thanks to their innovation, reliability and creativity, we can tailor such services to the individual needs of our client.

We can supply vending machines to companies such as production plants, offices, universities and schools as well as other institutions. At the client`s request, we can carry out an initial audit and check whether there is a real need for an offer from self-service vending machines. If this is indeed the case, we can suggest the right type of vending machine and then deliver it to the recipient within the set time.