staff recruitment

Today’s labour market requires from companies that provide a wide range of services to meet the expectations of their customers and provide services related to staff recruitment. We are aware of those needs and that is why we have already adapted to them. We are already a flourishing company that has gathered a lot of experience in recruitment throughout the years of its operation. We have been recruiting personnel for many years for various positions in many industries, including external companies.

We are recruiting employees of all levels, i.a.:

  • blue collar workers,
  • specialists,
  • managers and other executives.

Separate company for employee recruitment

We set up another company within our organisation that deals with staff recruitment and all related matters. That is why, when we work closely with a client, we take care of staff recruitment for the positions indicated by the client and recruit candidates with specific qualifications or skills. We do not limit our recruitment process to the borders of the country. We also recruit personnel for our customers from abroad, i.a. Ukraine and other neighboring countries.

What do we do?

When recruiting employees, we:

  • define the job profile and specify who would be the perfect candidate for an employee
  • look for suitable candidates
  • perform the qualification process
  • select candidates
  • choose a candidate.

As a result, the client receives a list of candidates for employees.

How recruiters’ work?

We employ professional recruiters who are experts in their field. These people have all the competences and skills needed to work in the HR industry. Our experienced recruiters look for the best candidates for our customers. While performing their duties, they use their knowledge of the labour market, labour psychology, as well as the information about competences and responsibilities required for the given job position.
Our recruiters use various methods of verification and selection of candidates for employees, such as:

  • headhunting,
  • assessment center,
  • competence tests,
  • job interviews, including behavioural questions.

Our recruiters use all these techniques to find the most suitable candidates for us and for our customers On the basis of the required criteria, recruiters make the final selection by selecting a person with appropriate professional, personal and social competences. We know that an employee selected by our recruiters will meet all the expectations of the client, who decided to use the services of our company to find the employees that his company needs.

In HR industry, headhunting is a quite new technique of looking for employees. It is also called direct searching. Headhunting is one of the recruitment methods, allowing to acquire valuable employees directly from the labour market. Such tasks are carried out by head hunters. They recruit highly competent employees, usually for senior management or specialist positions. Thanks to headhunting you can reach candidates who are not currently looking for a job, because they already have a job. By using this method we can increase our chances of employing the right person.

Assessment center is a multidimensional process of competence assessment, in which participants are closely observed and evaluated by a team of objective people. It is a method of acquiring the best employees for performing certain tasks. During the observation of candidates various factors are assessed, including sets of competences for a specific job position.

Our recruiters also use competence tests, which contribute to better selection of candidates at the stage of sending job applications. Thanks to this we can find the most suitable employee for a certain job position faster and without the need to invite him/her to a job interview. It does not mean that there will be no job interview at all, it just means that it may not be needed.