operating forklift trucks

The personnel recruitment service is closely related to the operation of forklift trucks. Our customers carry out many production and storage processes that require the use of forklift trucks. We provide services to many customers who carry out business activities related to storage and logistics..

Large logistics facilities and handling points use our services related to operation of forklift trucks. We provide our customers with qualified, certified and experienced employees who are ready to work as a forklift truck operators.

What kind of forklift trucks can we operate?

We provide our customers from various industries, mainly storage and logistics, with the services related to the operation of lifting trucks, which are also known as forklift trucks.

Forklift trucks are wheeled motor vehicles, powered by an electric or combustion engine, which are suitable for transportation of materials having a considerable weight. They are used mainly as handling and storage equipment. These trucks are used, among others, for carrying out unloading works in warehouses, handling points and logistics facilities, but also in ports and factories or production plants which have their own warehouses for finished products, semi-finished products, materials and raw materials.

What qualifications are needed for operation of forklift trucks

The operators outsourced to customers who need forklift truck services are competent and reliable. They have qualifications which confirm that they are competent to operate forklift trucks.

Our employees hold diplomas needed for the operation of equipment awarded by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) in the following categories:

  • III WJO – operation of driven and remote controlled power-lift trucks
  • II WJO – operation of power-lift trucks (without specialised machines)
  • I WJO – operation of power-lift trucks including specialised ones – with an operator raised with the load and with the changeable extension arm

Card issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) for forklift truck operators is issued only after they have passed a state examination of the Office of Technical Inspection.

Outsourcing of staff and forklift truck rental

We also provide comprehensive services consisting in providing our customers not only with the staff but also with the forklift trucks. Our services may serve as a reduction of costs related to employing employees, they provide professional operators and make it easier to for customer`s company to function well.

Our company has been operating on the market for many years and during that time it has gathered a lot of experience in personnel outsourcing, including outsourcing of professionals who can operate different types of forklifts. Our recruitment department provides services to external companies and searches for employees whose qualifications match the job position requirements. We recruit and outsource professionals who, in addition to their competences in driving and operating vehicles, are conscientious and responsible.